The 10 Best Iron Man Armoured Suits

What is the most impressive Iron Man armour ever made? Celebrating 70 years of Marvel excellence, and with the imminent release of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, we take a look at 10 armored suits that will have you wishing you were Tony Stark.

10. Iron Man Armor MK V


This suit added a voice distorter to protect Tony Stark’s identity. A hologram emitter was also added top the suit that created multiple images to make the armor harder to target. The suit also has finger lasers – and who wouldn’t want finger lasers?

9. Hydro Armor


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water along comes Hydro Armor Iron Man. This suit could act like an electric eel by generating an electrical field around itself. If that wasn’t cool enough the suit also included “mini torpedoes”.

8. Iron Man Armored Adventures suit

In Iron Man Armored Adventures we see the invention of the iron man armor. This armor generates a force field around Iron Man from his repulsors. There are also numerous alternate armor that Iron Man uses in special occasions, including the Silver Centurion Armor, the Stealth Armor and the Dynamo Buster Armor.

7. Sentient Armor


Have you ever been worried that the world might be taken over by machines? If you watched Space Odyssey 2001 with your hands over your eyes then spare a thought for poor Tony Stark. Stark realised that his armour had become sentient after battling Whiplash during a storm. Stark initially used this armour because of health problems. Tony had downloaded Jocasta’s AI and downloaded it through his armour. Tony was eventually forced to battle the armour.

6. Space Armor


Neil Armstrong might have been the first man on the Moon, but Tony Stark was the first superhero to wear a really cool armoured suit in space. The armour allows Tony to explore space and comes equipped with extendable exo-units that are used for exploration.

5. Arctic Armor


Just when you thought Iron Man couldn’t get any cooler he goes and makes Arctic Armor. This armor was made so that Tony Stark could travel to his secret hideout in the Arctic.

4. Stealth Armor MK I


This is Iron Man’s stealth suit and enabled him to gain access to Heaven’s Hands fortress in East Germany. This armour would make any superhero spy proud and includes “Radar-absorbing coating, ECM jamming, and a wave-modifying plasma layer held by a forcefield distort incoming radar and sonar signals”.

3. Hulk Armor


This armor was built just in case Tony Stark was attacked by the Hulk. The armour was a module for the Modular Armor, Model XII, Mark I, but it meant that if ever there was a mean green looking monster in town Tony was ready for whatever challenges came his way.

2. Telepresence Armor


The Telepresence Armor allowed Iron Man to control the suit by transmitting mental commands from a headset. Because there was nobody in the armor it meant that more weapons could be accommodated. The armor included a Disruptor Field, Laser Blade and Pulsor Beams

1. Iron Man Armor MK III


The Iron Man Armor MK III was the first Iron Man armour to use the trademark red and yellow colour schemes. The battery is more efficient than previous suits. The jet boots on the armour also meant that Iron Man could take full flight. A sonic beam was also added to the suit. Classic.

What’s your favourite Iron Man armour? Leave your comments below.

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